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3 Reasons to Winterize Your Irrigation System

When the seasons begin to change and there’s a chill in the air, it’s easy to forget a simple but important landscaping chore: winterizing your irrigation system. Failing to winterize is a common cause of pipes bursting and irrigation system damage.

As winter approaches, we often trim back branches, clear out flower beds, and prepare our lawn for colder weather. In fact, grasses and trees begin this process on their own, preparing themselves for the season ahead.

At Aqualon, we understand maintenance jobs like these can take a back seat around busy schedules and seem overwhelming to most homeowners. That’s why we are happy to assist our customers during this process. Winterizing your irrigation system is important and must be done correctly to be effective.

What is winterizing an irrigation system?

The winterizing process ensures there is no water remaining inside the system’s parts as the temperatures drop below freezing.

At Aqualon, we recommend a “blowout” to pull out water from the pipes. Instead of gravity, a “blow out” relies on pressurized air to push out any remaining water.

3 Reasons to Winterize Irrigation Systems

1. Freezing temperatures can damage irrigation systems

These irrigation systems are vulnerable to the cold and winterizing your irrigation system protects the individual pieces from the weather, but simply shutting off your sprinkler system isn’t enough.

When water freezes, it expands. If any water is left inside, it can cause fittings, sprinklers, valves, pumps, pipes, and other parts to burst. Draining your system of all water ensures it will still be in working order when springtime arrives.

2. Protect your home and existing landscaping

Many homeowners spend a lot of time and money on the aesthetics of their home and yard. When an irrigation system stops working due to damage or a busted pipe, the only choice is to open up the ground and repair the issue.

Disturbing the landscape can wreak havoc on plant life and other landscape elements you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

3. Save money on repairs.

If your irrigation system freezes, the result could destroy the components of the system and require repairs. As discussed above, this could seriously damage and destroy your landscaping.

Repairs of this magnitude can be very costly and create quite the challenge to regain the appeal your lawn once had.

For these reasons and more, now is the time to winterize your irrigation system. Putting off this chore could prove to be costly in the long run. For more information on winterizing your irrigation system, give us a call at 937-846-0986.

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